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Timber and Woodmachine/Mill Training & Courses

These Courses are also available for timber / mill machinery equipment that has been designed or modified to accommodate the cutting or shaping of other materials such as metal, insulation materials, plastics, compounds etc. We also cover the food industry requirements for safe use of sawing equipment.

HSCS have a wealth of experience and history in training and servicing the Timber and Woodworking industries, and is one of the few specialist trainers within the industry. The Timber industry by its nature and operations has a higher Health & safety compliance requirement than most other industries.

HSCS recognise that not all timber sites are the same, whether a mill, school, merchant or manufacturer, clients do not have the same systems and approaches. We therefore also recognise that different clients will have different needs, we pride ourselves in offering tailor made courses that meet the legal and Health & Safety requirements AND a clients own systems and requirements.

We work with clients to ensure the most cost effective outcome to their needs and requirements, linking courses, adjusting courses to include client systems and procedures etc