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Harness Inspection

This course is designed to instruct delegates in the correct inspection regime and methods of inspecting safety harnesses and associated equipment across differing environments for working at height, as an in company appointed person. The Course is specifically designed for any person who is involved with working at height.


Harness Inspection FAQ


Half day

Course Style

Knowledge and practical


Any UK Mainland site


Knowledge & Skill assessment


HSE Regulations Pass Notification & A4 Certificate

Course Content

� Accidents - causes and prevention.
� Acts and Regulations as applicable.
� Systems Of Work
� Inspection regimes
� Inspection types
� Inspection techniques across the range of equipment
� Inspecting Lanyards & Arresters
� Inspecting securing points
� Safe Storage of harness
� Practical applications of the course content.
� Inspection recording,
� Removal / Rectifying unsuitable harnesses and equipment.
� Safety & Application Knowledge Examination
� Practical Skills Examination


The normal in company range of harnesses and equipment should be made available and a suitable room for the number of delegates will be required


In Company courses will be tailored to the working environment


By the end of this course the delegates will be able to:
� Show an understanding of their legal duties.
� Understand inspection periods and types.
� Understand inspection practices for differing harness types
� Understand inspection requirement