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Asbestos Awareness

It is estimated that over two-million workplaces contain asbestos, which remains the single biggest cause of work related deaths in the UK. This course enables those responsible for the building, repair and maintenance of commercial and residential properties, to identify and deal with asbestos and meet their legal ‘Duty to Manage’.

The course is also intended for those who work generaly in building and construction industry and those who work with facilities type contracts, or within facilities functions as well as construction and residential

Due to the nature of Asbestos and the high risk it represents, HSE require yearly refresher/updating training


Asbestos Awareness FAQ


½ Day Standard

Course Style



Any UK Mainland Site




HSE Standard - 1 Year - A4 Certificate + ID Card 

Course Content

Legal Duties
Legal duties and responsibilities
Asbestos Health Risks
Legislative Requirements
Dealing with asbestos
Emergency procedures
Identify the different types of asbestos and their properties
Identify the health risks associated with Asbestos
Identify where asbestos is commonly found
Identify practical controls for asbestos safety
Outline the requirements of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations.


Courses available at any UK mainland site with no travelling charges or additional expenses.


We prefer to limit the number of delegates per course in order to maintain the quality of our Training Programme and to guarantee full understanding of the subject through individual attention.
In Company courses will be tailored to the working environment
A Training room suitable for the number of delegates will be required.
Reduced rates are available for multi-site or multi-course bookings


Prior knowledge of subject not required