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Forklift Based

FORKLIFT OPERATOR courses, this section covers basic, experienced, conversion and refresher training on all different truck types. A brochure regarding the range of operator training is available in our download section or  click here.

FORKLIFT ATTACHMENT courses, HSCS Ltd cover all attachment types, if a new attachment is introduced (Different to the operator certification is issued on) HSE regulations require that the operator is trained accordingly, many standard attachments are listed here, if yours is not, then please contact us.

FORKLIFT INSTRUCTOR/MANAGER/SUPERVISOR courses cover those who supervise or risk assess lift truck operations, HSE require all those responsible for Lift Truck operations and operating environments are suitably trained. Trainer courses cover Commercial Trainers and In Company Trainers.

FORKLIFT LIFT TRUCK BESPOKE HSCS recognise that not all lift truck operating environments are standard, where a company has a specific working environment HSCS can design courses to meet their needs and ensure compliance. The most common of these are Mobile Ramps and Loading Docks.

All Training Courses are fully certificated and train the recognised skill requirements and associated job safety knowledge of Lift Truck operation, Supervisor, Trainer and Management. This is to the nationally recognised levels of skill, ability & safety as laid down by HSE, as in HSG 6, HSG 136, HSE Safety in the use of Lift Trucks and the Approved Code of Practice (L116) relating to section 2 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.