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Plant Loading & Transporting LGV

Many fatal accidents have occurred within the Transport Industry related to the transporting of mobile plant. This course is designed to teach delegates the correct procedure for the safe loading securing and unloading of common mobile plant found in the construction industry. Loading and unloading refers to placing the plant on to a trailer or transporter vehicle, transporting the plant and removing it from the trailer / transporter safely. FAQ

Plant Loading & Transporting LGV FAQ

Duration 1 - 2 Days depending upon numbers & experience Course Style Knowledge & Practical Application
Availability On site
In centre
Examinations Knowledge
Certification HSE Regulations
Course Content
  • Overview of legislation
  • Road Traffic Act
  • Manual Handling Operations
  • Personal Protective Equipment at Work
  • Risk Assessment Overloading Trailers Overhangs - Etc.
  • Plant / Vehicle / Trailer Daily Inspections & Checks
  • Correct Loading Techniques
  • Plant Securing Techniques
  • Documenting and Recording Inspections
  • Additional
    Notes In Company courses will be tailored to the working environment
    A Training room suitable for the number of delegates will be required.
    Reduced rates are available for multi-site or multi-course bookings.
    A Suitable vehicle will be required for on site courses
    Delegates passing the end of the course examinations are certified accordingly